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Share Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions
Feemo is a mobile app which allows you to communicate via short 82 character long messages with those around you. It is safe and simple.
  • Doesn't require registration or your personal information.
  • Anonymous, straight-forward and really easy to use.
  • Messages are only visible to others within the same area.
  • Explore more places to see what is shared elsewhere around you.


Share feelings, thoughts and emotions with people around you, without having to setup social media profiles, add friends or follow someone's feed. Messages you sent do not stick to a centralized social media server, instead they float in the air at the area around you. You can use feemo at school, work, or your home neighbourhood to express yourself and see what others feel at the same place. Reclaim the physical spaces of the city as your own, and genuinely shared digital status update page.


Feemo is free and thus unfortunately we cannot provide much technical support for it. We simply don't have the time and personnel to respond to everyone's questions.

However, you may contact us about general business inquiries, to report bugs or give us feedback.

Let your friends know they can join the world of anonymous location based communication

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